A term paper is a research assignment typically designated to students at the end of a semester. Term papers tend to touch several topics such as presenting arguments or defend a certain subject. Often times term papers are confused with research papers, however, these two are different. A research paper is a type of study which focuses on answering a theoretical question, on the other hand, term papers are researches that are meant to persuade the reader by using reliable sources and facts, both of these papers are considered academic papers.

In order to write a good term paper, it’s necessary to do extensive research and create a structure for you to follow and write your paper successfully. Let’s take a look.

1. Choose your Topic

The first step is choosing a topic. Your topic must be something do-able, sometimes topics can be too general to analyze. If you are able to choose your own topic, make sure it’s as specific as possible, so it’s easier to do the research, as well, it’s important that your topic it’s something that you like or you are interested in, it will make the writing process a lot smoother. But, if the topic is given by someone else, then start by making questions about the topic, and narrow your topic until it fits the boundaries you were given.

2. Do Some Research

This is probably one of the crucial steps. As mentioned before, term papers are academic papers that require a lot of research from reliable sources. So, before you start writing, take some time to do extensive research, the more information you have, the more quality you can add to your paper. You need to research all the information possible for you to fully understand the topic you are going to write about.

3. Define your Thesis Statement

Once your topic is chosen, you need to define the single idea you will focus on the paper. It needs to be clear for both the reader and you so it doesn’t cause any type of confusion. Your thesis statement is basically the idea you will write about until the very end of the term paper, you will even have to talk about in the conclusion, so it’s crucial to have a well-defined thesis statement.

4. Make an Outline

For this step, you will make an outline of the structure of your term paper, it will serve as a guide, that way you know better what you are doing and what’s left to complete. The usual structure of a term paper is:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Results of the research
  • Conclusion

5. Start the Introduction

The introduction is what will make the reader engage with your paper, it is one of the foundations. If your introduction is written poorly, your whole paper might get rejected. You need to introduce your topic and more importantly, your thesis statement. Your introduction doesn’t have to perfect the first time you write it, you might even see yourself going back several times to re-write it based on the evolution of your term paper.

6. Write your Body

Basically, the body of your term papers is the time for you to convince and persuade the reader about your topic. Write easy-to-read paragraphs that anyone that doesn’t know about the topic can understand, display your ideas and research throughout the paper to support your argument.

7. Conclusion

Lastly, give closure to your term paper. Here you will talk about the thesis statement one more time and make a summary of your whole research, make sure to not leave the reader with a single doubt.

That’s it! With this valuable information broken down into simple steps, you will able to write excellent term papers.

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